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Collegien Slippers: My Favourite For The Whole Family

Collegien Slippers age well: here some new and very old ones

Collegien Slippers age well: here some new and very old ones

These French slippers (they are and have been made in France since 1947) are my favourite and they work for the whole family: sizes go from European 18/US 3/UK 2 (babies of 6-12 months) to European 47/US 13/UK 12! I started using them 4 years ago, so I have now a good feel of how durable they are. Up until now I was ordering them directly from their French website but I just spotted a first UK internet distributor called Skin&

If you want to see the whole range it is best to go directly on the Collegien website. They have an incredible choice and have always some items on sale. If you are buying for the whole family or friends, even adding on the Euro 6.95 shipment charge to the UK, you might end up with a better choice and price than a UK distributor. Shipment charges are zero for orders above Euro 100.

What I like about them:
1) Comfortable. The concept is simple: a soft sock with attached a breathable, durable, non slip sole. I am not sure how the sole is built but one thing is sure: they are very comfortable for adults and children.
2) Natural fabrics. 80+% of the sock material is a natural fabric (mostly cotton but sometimes also wool and silk). The rest is an elastic blend to make them strechable.
3) Non-slip. Unlike the leather ones that I started using for my babies when they were 6 months old, these don’t become shiny and slippery with use. They have some rubbery spikes that really make a difference. For toddlers this is key because the last thing you want is seeing them sliding around the house.
4) Extra soft soles, very flexible, for maximum comfort. The soles are very flexible, you can test this by rolling the slipper onto itself.
5) The non-slip characteristic does not come at the expense of breathability. The soles are perforated.
6) 100% machine washable at 30°C. This is absolutely key for me. No cheesy smells and no problem if a bit of food falls on them.
7) Lots of sizes to fit the whole family. For most styles the sizes go from European 18 to European 47.
8) Long lasting. They last more than other slippers for two reasons: because they are made with high quality materials and because, if you have growing children, because each pair will cover two sizes (18-19, 20-21 etc).
9) Many, lovely designs! They make a very good and useful gift!

Worth knowing:
The company advises that if your size is 39, you should take 40/41. If your size is 38 or 38 1/2, take size 38/39. This is valid for all sizes.


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