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10 Days Bikini Boot Camp in a Cream: Somatoline Cosmetic, Intense Night Slimming Treatment

Somatoline Cosmetic Intensive Night Slimming Treatment

Somatoline Cosmetic Intensive Night Slimming Treatment

Summer has arrived and the holidays are approaching. Unfortunately, unless you are as lucky as Elle Macpherson, after kids, at a not-so-young- age and not enough exercise, wearing a bikini feels a bit daunting.
If you are looking for a quick ‘crash course’ ahead of a holiday, there is one product that I think is absolutely great: Somatoline Cosmetic, Intense Night Slimming Treatment.
Although you won’t lose any weight, the company claims that it reduces the size of waist and hips by up to 2.5cm in only 10 days, and that the average value obtained by 44 women in clinical tests is 1.4cm. I have not calculated the effect on me, but even after only 3 applications the results are for sure ‘visible’ and incredible. Is there a trick? I don’t know. My guess is that it is just a short-term fix and that unless you start a good diet and exercise it will all go back to square one after a few weeks. But in the short-term, for the few weeks a year you will be on the beach, it is just fantastic.

Although the packaging can be slightly different (pots versus sachets-as in the photo above) it is distributed in a lot of European countries.
In the UK Amazon sells a 400ml pot for GBP 34.00 including delivery.

What I like about it:

1) Easy. You apply this green, quite thick but creamy potion for 10 days in a row, just before going to bed, where you think you need it most: thighs, belly, hips, waist or all of the above. The maker suggests to let the cream penetrate with a light, circular massaging motion until the cream is completely absorbed. If you use it for another 10 days the results are further improved.
2) Quick. The cream is rich but does not take long to absorb. A massage of a couple of minutes will be enough to make it penetrate.
3) It is one of the few things that works while you sleep. I did not know but apparently the skin is more receptive to cosmetic treatments at night.
4) Effective. Already after a few nights of use you can see a difference in the look of the skin: smoother, tighter more toned. Clinical tests have demonstrated it works.
5) Reliable brand. Somatoline was launched as a brand in Italy in the 1970s and has survived till today for a reason: the products are good.

Important things to know:

1) If after a few minutes you start feeling a warm sensation or some tingling or light redness where you applied the product don’t worry. It is not likely to be an allergic reaction. The maker says it is normal and it means the product is working.
2) The cream has a quite persistent smell. It is not bad but is quite strong. I am glad I don’t leave the house after having applied it.
3) Note that there a number of different Somatoline products on the market. Some include an active ingredient called Levothyroxine Sodium (a hormone produced by the thyroid) and are only sold in pharmacies. ‘Somatoline Cosmetic’ products (such as the Intense Night Slimming Treatment ), don’t use Levothyroxine and can be used freely.
4) The maker says that if you use it for a further 10 days (after the first course) the results are further improved, but It should not be used as a part of a daily routine.
5) Remember to wash your hands after use and not to apply it over damaged skin.


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