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Panmonviso Rusks: a Healthy, Tasty, Quick Breakfast for the Whole Family

Tesco French Toast

Tesco French Toast

If you are looking for a breakfast alternative for the whole family that is tasty, quick and healthy, you might like to try Panmonviso Rusks. These rusks (toasted, slightly sweet, wheat bread) are a traditional, good quality, italian bakery product (‘fette biscottate’). By chance, I discovered that they are now available in the UK under several white labels brands. Tesco, Asda and Morrison call them ‘French Toast’. I have only bought the Tesco ones but I understand that also Asda and Morrison have the same product made by the high quality Italian company Panmonviso.

What I like about them:

1) Light: no eggs, low in fat, sugars and salt (37 kcal per toast; 5g of saturated fat, 0.4g of salt and 18g of sugar per 100g). No artificial colours/flavours. Compares well with a lot of cereals and baby products such as the Organix Goodies or Organix Finger Foods.
2) Suitable for sweet or savoury toppings.
3) Compact and easy to spread: with cream cheese, butter, jam, honey or whatever takes your fantasy.
4) If soaked in milk, they soften quickly and work well for young children without a full set of teeth.
5) Perfect alternative to biscuits for dipping in milk or cappuccino.
6) Nice and crunchy for teething children from 10/12 months onwards.
7) Long expiry date, and so perfect to keep at home for when you run out of bread.
8) Work well as an afternoon snack. If you are on the go, remember to store store them in a plastic container or they might distribute crumbs everywhere.
9) Very good value: GBP 1.30 for 200 gr.

I have not seen an organic version.

Rusks with butter and jam

Rusks with Butter and Jam

Rusks Soaked in Milk for the Youngest

Rusks Soaked in Milk for the Youngest


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Sainsbury’s SO Organic Soft Cheese: good, organic cream cheese for babies, toddlers and the whole family

Sainsbury's Organic Soft Cheese

Sainsbury’s Organic Soft Cheese

Cream cheese is a very useful basic ingredient to have at home when you are cooking for babies and toddlers. You can use it to transform any little meal: instead of sauce on a quick pasta, added to your vegetables purees, on fish, on bread sticks. The applications are endless. After some searching I stumbled on this one that seems more appropriate for the younger members of the family.

What I like about the Sainsbury’s SO Organic Soft Cheese is:

1) Organic! So few are. Hopefully it means less nasties. I actually checked. I emailed Sainsbury’s and they said that there are only 4 ingredients in this cream cheese: milk, cream from cow milk, salt and lactic starter culture. Sounds good to me.
2) Full fat – 25g per 100gr of product, as it should be for babies and toddlers.
3) Acceptable level of sodium 0.22g per 100gr (versus Philadelphia Original 0.40gr per 100gr)
4) Acceptable level of sugars 2.8gr per 100 gr (Philadelphia Original has 3.2gr per 100gr)
5) Great value £1.65/250 gr unit or £6.60/kg (Philadelphia Original retails at £8.00/kg).

The other good news is that it is easy to find. Your local Sainsbury’s should stock it. In my family everybody loves it.

P.S. There is another nice (and much more expensive) organic cream cheese called Futura. But is always out of stock these days.

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