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Melobaby: The Best Solution To Carry Your Baby Changing Kit Essentials

Melobaby carries your baby changing kit essentials

Melobaby is a large wallet made of a strong, washable, fabric designed to hold neatly and functionally a couple of nappies, nappy change cream, 1 body and a slim travel pack of baby wipes. The wallet has 4 pockets and a mesh zipped pocket. The wallet folds out to a very soft, fleecy change mat attached to the wallet via magnets. The magnet system is a very good idea because 1) it keeps in place the mat but allows you to easily detach it when you need to wash it, and 2) allows you to clip the mat to elongate the changing surface for when your baby grows. This point will be clearer if you watch the demo by clicking on the link below. Each Melobaby comes in a clear, sturdy plastic transparent bag (which can be used to keep spare clothes) and a small zebra light plastic pouch. It makes a very good gift for new and not so new mothers.

Nice to have but do I need one?
Having using it intensively for two years I think Melobaby is a must have.  It is so easy to use in your favourite handbag for short trips instead of taking your (larger and heavier) nappy bag. I also use it inside my usual diaper bag just to have things tidy and easy to find. I love it.
With a retail price between GBP 30 and GBP 35, Melobaby might seem quite expensive for what it is but the quality is excellent and so is the durability. It comes in several colours.

What I like about it
1. Good size (3 x 26 x 18.5 cm): small enough to fit in a normal handbag or backpack and big enough for a “small trip out” on its own,
2. Easy to fold/unfold even with one hand,
3. Good quality, durable, nicely designed. I used it heavily for almost 2 years and it looks brand new,
4. Easy to clean and does not stain (I was surprised to discover how many changing mats get badly stained with pooh)
5. Great solution for daddies on duty, they won’t need to carry a large nappy bag,
6. The changing mat is exceptionally soft and machine washable: good for both baby and mummy.

1. I have not managed to fit more than 2 nappies, travel wipes and a nappy cream and one body which might be too little if you are out and about for several hours with a newborn. I just try to take a few extra nappies and put them at the bottom of my bag just in case.
2. The small zebra plastic pouch Melobaby comes with is useless: very fragile. In my case the zip was broken after a few uses. This does not compromise the main functionality of the wallet though.

Worth remembering
You can wash the mat and the wallet in a washing machine at 30/40 degrees but neither of them should be put in a dryer as it will deactivate the magnets.

Take a look at the demo by the product designer and company founder.


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Infoband: My Favourite Identification Bracelet – Indispensable for Travelling with Toddlers.

Infoband identification bracelet

Infoband – Toddlers Identification Bracelet

I have always loved travelling. Now, with two toddlers, it is still fun but is more complex and requires more organisation. One thing that I find indispensable for my peace of mind is having my toddlers fitted with an identification bracelet every time I set off with them for a big trip or to a crowded place. I find it really comforting to know that if my child ends up out of sight, in the worst case scenario, someone will be able to contact me and bring my child back.
I researched a few ID bracelets and, although Infoband is one of the cheapest, I believe it does the job really well. You can use it to indicate the child’s name, your contact details, and even allergies or chronic illnesses. If you plan to write more than a name and emergency number make sure you choose a style that allows a ‘larger writing area’ (see also below).

What I like about it:
1) Simple and effective. You just write on it the details that you consider important with a regular ballpoint pen: name, mobile number and even emergency medical details.
2) Water resistant. Once written with a regular ballpoint pen, the text becomes water resistant (although with time, I noticed, it fades a bit).
3) Reasonably safe. The buckle is very difficult for small children to open. The buckle can, of course, break but if you check its solidity regularly it is unlikely to be an issue.
4) Easily removable. An adult can remove it easily (using a two handed grip).
5) Can be re-used. When you don’t need it, just take it off and put it away. It will be ready for your next adventure.
6) Key point: fully adjustable! A lot of the other identification bands come in different sizes or are not fully adjustable. Infoband can made fit even very small wrists.
7) There are many cute colours and design to choose from.
8) Very good value for money: GBP 2.80 on Amazon.

Worth knowing:
1) The buckle might break after several uses. But, considering the price, this is not a major issue for me.
2) The bracelet measures 20 x 2 x 0.1 cms but please note the ‘writing area’ is much smaller and can differ a lot from style to style. The styles with the largest writing areas (such as those in the photo above) allow about 5/6cm of writing space per row.

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