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Best Nail Hardener: Mavala Scientifique

Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener

Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener

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If at times your nails are starting to more often split apart, peel or break at the tips, Mavala Scientifique can be a good solution. It’s a great product and it has been around for ages (formulated in 1958). I would use it though only when in real need and never if pregnant, as it contains Formaldehyde. It comes in two formats: original – a little bottle, and a more recent pen-style applicator (which I prefer as you can use less of it and more precisely). The pen applicator costs between GBP 10. – 14. on the net, but the good news is that you need really little of it and, because it works, you won’t use it so often.

What I like about it:

1)      Very effective. I use it very rarely, only on the nails that are starting to break. One or two applications are in general enough to fix me for months.

2)      Quick. Needs only one minute to dry- great if you are busy.

3)      Can be used underneath your normal nail polish

Important things to know:

1)      As most of the nail hardeners on the market, it contains Formaldehyde (4.5%). I was not particularly impressed by this but I discovered that also most Brazilian hair straightening systems, several nail polishes and other cosmetic products contain Formaldehyde  (even shampoos!). Apparently in the quantities used in cosmetic products is not an issue. In the USA the FDA does not object if the level of formaldehyde in a nail hardener is 5% or less but still…I would use the nail hardener only when in need and in a large, aerated room, trying not to inhale it. It is also worth checking that your favourite nail polish/cosmetic does not contain Formaldehyde, which is somehow tricky, as there are several names for it, and no clear regulation around it.

2)      Follow carefully the directions on the box – apply a very small amount on clean, polish free nails, and on the very tips only. Never apply under nail, on cuticles, or skin.

Other simple tips I discovered for healthier nails:

Use a nail clipper and file in one direction only. Sawing back and forth tears the layers on the edge. A glass file can also help as it is less rough.


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