Which Weaning Spoon? Vital Baby Soft Tip Spoons: Great from Weaning to Self-Feeding

Comparing Baby Weaning Spoons

Comparing Baby Weaning Spoons

If you are about to start weaning your baby, take a look at the Vital Baby Soft Tip Weaning Spoons.

They are the best I have tried: well-designed, good quality, BPA-free baby spoons that you can use from the first weaning efforts to the ‘self-feeding phase’. They exist in 3 colours: blue, pink and yellow/orange. They retail at GBP 3.45 for 5 spoons.

What I like about them:
1) The tip is soft and flexible. For me this is key when you are weaning as: a) it won’t hurt the teething gums of your baby, b) children love chewing on it, c) you can use it to keep your baby’s face clean while feeding, d) it will help you to scrape every last bit out of the bowl and mixer, and e) your baby can play and try self-feeding without the risk of hurting himself.
2) Well-proportioned handle: long enough to reach the bottom of a baby jar but not too long so that your child can handle the spoon easily and start self-feeding with it. The spoons that have very long handles (such as the Tommee Tippee Basic, on the extreme right in the photo above, which has a total length of 16cm) are good for mothers, but are more difficult for the child to self-feed with. The total spoon length of the Vital Baby is 13cm. A 3 cm difference is relevant for the manoeuvrability of the spoon in the hands of a baby.
3) Thin and elongated tip: good shape for feeding little mouths. Note that the Tommee Tippee Explora Weaning Spoons (light green in the photo above) and the new Tommee Tippee Soft Tip Weaning Spoons (also called Explora) have too big and to deep of a tip for the first months of weaning.

There are also ‘soft finger locators’ on the handles, which are meant to help the baby to learn how to hold a spoon, but I am not sure they make a difference.

1) The tip is slightly longer than some other first stage ‘weaning’ spoons on the market. As a result some food can remain on the top of the tip in the first few weeks of feeding. It did not bother me. I just used the front half of the tip.
2) Not “heat sensing” (i.e. changing colour when the food/spoon are too hot for baby’s mouth), although I have not found a spoon that is as good as the Vital Baby that has a good heat sensing system.
3) A slightly longer handle would make it more comfortable for mums and still fine to use for the baby.

Good to know:
1) All light-coloured soft-tipped spoons on the market, if in contact with carrot or tomato puree, will remain stained. If it bothers you, choose a darker colour.
2) Tommee Tippee used to make the best Soft Tip Weaning Spoon on the market (the second spoon from the right in the photo above). It had a slightly longer handle (total length 15cm), a smaller and less deep tip than the Vital Baby and it existed in a brilliant heat sensitive version as well. Unfortunately they stopped making it. I have just noticed though you can still buy them on Ebay. The new ones are not as good. I prefer the Vital Baby.


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