Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Frying Pan – Simply the Best

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Frying Pan

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Frying Pan

This is for me, a luxury worth having. It is more expensive than many on the market (GBP 60/70 for a 24/26cm diameter) but is worth every penny. A girlfriend recommended it to me after hearing about my last frying pan disappointment and I am super happy with it. It’s heavier than other frying pans but lighter than a cast iron pan. It comes in different sizes and 2 depths (shallow or deep). Glass lids are also available but need to be bought separately. It is worth noting that the lid handle is quite deep. Depending on the size and depth of the pan you choose, the lid may not fit inverted in the pan, which makes this a larger item to store. I bought the 26cm, ‘deep’ size and I find it perfect for our everyday needs.

What I like about it:
1) It really does not stick. I had it for more than 1 year now, I use it every day and it still works beautifully. All the others that I tried (the Original Green Pan, Tefal, Circulon and Berndes) work ok for the first few months but then lose their non-stick properties. Even if I hand washed them and treated them carefully.
2) Ideal for healthier cooking with very little oil or fat. You can even cook completely without oil.
3) It heats evenly on any type of hob.
4) The handles remain cool and don’t work themselves loose.
5) Easy to clean. As the food does not stick you will just need some warm soapy water.
6) Oven and dishwasher safe. I wash it by hand, though, as it is so easy to clean as I don’t want to risk damaging it.

Other things to know:
1) Works also on induction hobs.
2) The guide recommends to wipe the pan down with oil before the first usage (and every now and then) to keep the non-stick properties. I did it before the first use but I have not done it again. The pan looks fine but I think is worth doing. It is also recommended to: a) use non-stick cleaning pads, b) use plastic or wood (not metal) cooking utensils, and c) avoid using for long periods of time at very high heat settings.



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