Laura Sevenus Baby Spa – London: hydrotherapy sessions for babies

Laura Sevenus Baby SPA

This is a wonderful gift to a friend, or a great treat for you and your baby. It is expensive (1 hour session costs GBP 60) but it is worth it, at least once. Of all the newborn activities I tried, this was really unique.

What is it?
30 minutes hydrotherapy sessions for babies (as young as 2 days up to 6 months) followed by a baby massage with a special grapeseed oil imported by South Africa. A comfortable room is available for you to chat, relax and feed your baby pre and post session. The environment is that of a grown up spa but there is everything a new mother might need, from bottle warmers to breast-feeding cushions. Allegedly, this is the first of its type in the world.

What I like about it:
1) It’s a unique, calming and comforting experience for you and your baby. The baby wears only a flotation ring around the neck and, unaffected by gravity, can float and kick around in a special pool. Even very colicky babies enjoy it.
2) It has real benefits for the baby such as muscular and skeletal strength increase and positive effects on the digestive and circulatory systems.
3) It’s a good way to learn infant massage techniques.
4) You can meet new mums and share issues or questions.

Other things to know:
1) The very first session should happen before the baby is 5 months old. Babies under 8 weeks old swim in individual pods of purified water until after they have received their first set of immunisations.
2) The water is purified by a reverse osmosis system and is heated to the appropriate temperature according to the baby’s age in weeks.
3) Laura Sevenus has over 40 years experience and knows what she is doing. The support staff is made up of expert neonatal and paediatric nurses.

The Baby Spa by Laura Sevenus, 6 Lancer Square, London W8 4EH, Tel.: 020 7937 3747

Take a look at the videos: they are amazing

1 session (1 hour) GBP 60
5 sessions (5 hours) GBP 285
10 sessions (10 hours) GBP 540


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