Mum2mum market – where mums sell to mums

I came across ‘Mum2mum market’ just a few months ago and I think is a great idea. Especially if you are looking to make a bit of extra cash. Items have to be of high quality and in almost new condition.

What is it:
organised, local, real world (as opposed to internet based), sale events where mums sell directly to mums ‘nearly new’ maternity, baby and children’s goods.

What I like about the concept is:
1) You can sell directly to other mums high quality, second hand goods (even prams) keeping 100% of the proceeds!
2) You can buy top quality preloved goods at a fraction of the price directly from the owner – you can ask questions and have an idea of who owned it, which is great for second hand purchases.
3) It’s simple. If you’re a mum with stuff to sell, just book a stall at your nearest sale location (there are many in London and in the UK) and turn up on the day. If you want to buy, just check where and when the next Mum2mum market sale is taking place and just show up.
4) Low risk. To rent a stall will cost you between GBP 20 and GBP 25 but you will keep all the proceeds of your sales. You can always share a stall with a friend if you think you might not be able to sell that much on your first time.
5) Quick. Each sale event lasts only for 2 hours. The only time you waste is to prepare the stuff you want to sell, price it and then the time of the sale itself (usually on a Saturday).
6) Good learning experience and good way to meet other mums.
7) If there is no Mum2mum market location near you, you can start a new franchise, which is a great way to have a flexible and remunerating job.

Other things to know:
1) On the Mum2mum market website you will find lots of tips to help you get the pricing and presentation right, so you can maximise your sales on the day.
2) The markets are all indoors.
3) On the local Facebook page you will find more info and photos of the items on sale.

For more here is the link.


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