A great bib for messy eaters: Silly Billyz Long Sleeve Bib

For me Silly Billyz is by far the best sleeved bib on the market.

I like that:
1) It fastens with poppers. Velcro is useless after a few washes or if your kid wants to get rid of the bib.
2) It provides great protection from food (or even paint) – especially in its longer version.
3) It washes well and doesn’t stain.
4) It dries quickly.
5) It is less bulky and more flexible than the plastic ones – and so it’s more pleasant to wear for the kids.
6) The elastic at the bottom of the sleeves is not so tight (as for example in the sleeved Bibetta).
7) It is open on the back so kids stay cool and makes it easy to put on and off.
8) It lasts forever. I bought a few two years ago, I use them every day and they are almost as good as new.
9) It exists in different colours

The fabric on the front is an unusual waterproof fleece (nylon backed) that acts as a good food catcher. The rest is breathable nylon, that is also good at catching food. Even if the fleece gets dirty, you don’t have to wash the bib every time, a bit of sponge work will be enough to make it good again. All Silly Billyz product are lead free and PVC free.

The bib exists in two versions: a longer one (also called “for messy eaters” of 12-36 months) that can be tied at the back and a regular one. The regular version exists in different sizes (6-24 months), (18-36 months) and (24-48 months).  The bib exists also in a version that has a soft towel material on the front instead of the fleece, probably better in the summer.

The only downside is that is not cheap at GBP 9-13.- per bib, but it is well worth the money and it will last for years! It is available on many different websites but the longer version is more difficult to find. If desperate try here.


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