No more 5 am starts: Gro Clock sleep trainer

For about GBP 20.-, for me this is the best sleep trainer on the market – and the greatest invention if your toddler decides to start the day far too early for your taste!

Very easy to programme and simple for the child to understand, the Gro Clock gives a reference point as to whether or not it is time to get up. When the face of the clock is blue and you can see some stars it’s time to sleep; when the face is yellow and the sun appears it’s time to get up. The child can also have an idea of how long they have to sleep by following the little stars round the sides of the clock-face: they go out one by one as it gets nearer to wake up time.

Other useful points: 1) The night light can be adjusted to make sure it is the right brightness for your child, 2) The clock can be used for daytime naps with a separate function so you don’t have to keep changing the clock times for nightime and daytime sleeps, 3) If you unplug the clock to move it or to take away on holiday, it retains the settings, 4) It comes complete with a bedtime story book to teach your little one about the importance of getting enough sleep, and 5) it has an optional digital clock and audible alarm feature for use as your child grows and needs to get up for school.

Finally for an extra GBP 8.- you can also buy the Gro Clock Face that fits easily onto the Gro Clock and transforms it into a more fun bedside companion.

P.S. If your child is a stubborn early riser you will have to be very consistent, especially at the beginning. If the stars are still showing we stay in bed, and just say it’s quiet play-time until the sun comes up. Children like to test if you are serious or not! So it helps to set the wake-up time close to their actual wake-up time to begin with – it will be much easier to then move the clock closer to the time you desire.

My little one enjoys setting it up in the evenings (watching the sun close its eyes and change into the moon); every morning she is so excited to tell us that the ‘sunny sun sun’ has come up. I love it!

Gro Clock Gro Clock face


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  1. #1 by Always Me on May 27, 2014 - 02:54

    Fantastic review. I really like the fact that if the clock is unplugged it still keeps the setting you have put in it. We suffer blackouts here, and there is nothing worse than forgetting to all of the clocks in the house.

    • #2 by workingmuminlondon on September 26, 2014 - 21:19

      Thank you for your comment. My younger daughter loves unplugging the clock so I am so glad I don’t have to re-set it every night 🙂
      By the way I am so impressed by your 5 kids, a blog and a business. I cannot call myself busy anymore!

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